Week 28 happenings …

World’s happiest, sweetest boy – what more can we say?!!

1726-4.23.10 022.JPG

World’s Best Big Sissy, explaining the workings of the world to her little brother

1696-4.23.10 026.JPG

LOVE me some greeny beanies!!!

1728-4.25.10 104.JPG

That “O Soup” is for your sister, mister!

1729-5.2.10 033.JPG

Just like Daddy, reading the Sunday paper.

1730-5.2.10 034.JPG

Playing Sorry … well … BEING on Sorry!

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!

Circus fun!

We met our BFF’s at the Za-Ga-Gig circus for some treats, fun shows and good times!  Thanks for coming to hang out, dudes!  Love ya!

1713-5.2.10 001.JPG

Charlie’s first circus (Carter’s … 3rd??)


Chalupa Clan

1714-5.2.10 011.JPG

Sharing cotton candy and watching the dancing girls

1715-5.2.10 014.JPG

Hee hee … I liked the bears riding bicycles! 

1717-5.2.10 021.JPG

INSANITY!  This dude ran, jumped and basically went nuts inside the circle that spun … where does one learn to do this kinda stuff?!!

1716-5.2.10 019.JPG

Carter couldn’t bare to watch the guy on the spinning Circle of Death!

1718-5.2.10 026.JPG

Manly men!

1719-5.2.10 028.JPG

We went from total-smiles, having a blast …

1720-5.2.10 030.JPG