Harvest Week

It’s Harvest Week, y’all (cause when it was “Halloween Week” years ago, that scarred us.  Now it’s all PC and friendly for all … ).  Like everything else, we went head over heels and had fun participating this week!

240-10.30.08 010.jpg

Day 1: Crazy hair day!  That was fun getting out in the bath!

249-10.30.08 015.jpg

Day 2:  Farmer day.  I like the pink socks accenting the flannel!

250-10.30.08 016.jpg

Day 3:  Hero day.  Carter’s hero: Shawn Johnson!  (again with the pink socks!!!)

251-10.30.08 034.jpg

Wrapping it up: Costume day.  WallE wasn’t really practical (A. she couldn’t sit, B. she couldn’t walk, C. she couldn’t pee … it was just all around not a good idea!).  So she picked this sparkley number out of her dress up inventory.  It’s my favorite!

Happy Halloween, Robot Friends!!!

Tonight was begger’s night in town.  We only hit our small, quaint little neighborhood, which was good, since our little Begger had a hard time walking in her costume.  Prepare for the big costume unveil . . . . .

241-10.30.08 018.jpg

Carter’s WallE, the Pixar robot!  My first home-made costume, complete with WallE arms and mask (that, yes, we bought!) looks pretty good!  She loved it!

242-10.30.08 021.jpg

W A L L E !


The real WallE – pretty cute, huh?!

247-10.30.08 017.jpg

WallE (aka Carter) and I before heading out this evening

244-10.30.08 022.jpg

Along the way, we picked up Elisa, our neighbor friend.  Melinda, her mom, wasn’t feeling well and we thought it would be awful to miss Trick or Treating, so we nabbed us a kitty!

245-10.30.08 026.jpg

Along the way we crossed paths with Super-Man (aka Zane, another neighborhood pal).  This Super-Man’s kryptonit is lolly’s – note the handful he scored at Steve & Tracy’s!

246-10.30.08 028.jpg

While Super-Man searched for lolly’s and other tasty treats, Elisa and Carter played with Izzy the tiny black puppy (Daddy – Carter wants a puppy!  And so do I!).  The girls loved her, but poor little Izzy was a bit afraid!  Can you blame her?!?

Carter proudly shows off her WallE costume and her jokes!

It was a great evening to Trick or Treat, and although we didn’t go far or have many visitors, WallE and I – and our neighborhood boogies – had a fun evening!  Daddy stayed home to command the candy post – next year, when it snows – he can go!