C is for Cookie!

For the record: we don’t condone giving junk to our kiddo.  But it’s bright and sunny outside, everyone’s cheerful and happy, and Carter ate all of her “hot gog,” fruit and peas (PEAS!  She ate PEAS!!).  I think that warrants a nice, delicious cookie, right?!?

i-ff51389659ecbfd86a6e9fda105e562e-4.29.08 021.jpg 

I’m fixing to eat you!

i-ab6cfbb4eb744fac35badff4e51679c7-4.29.08 022.jpg

So good and so messy!  It’s a cookie, for crying out loud!  It should be this messy!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson!

Another one bites the dust … I mean congratulations go Adam and Heather!  They were married  Saturday.  It was a beautiful day, a wonderful ceremony, and a fun reception.  It couldn’t have gone any better, and it couldn’t have happened to any cuter, more meant to be love birds!  Congratulations, guys!

i-fd15a2c707990fb3a64c603e9c44013b-4.29.08 001.jpg

All dolled up: Carter and Daddy

i-493bdbf8703cbe2982b0d785fc226961-4.29.08 002.jpg

Totally cute: Carter and Mommy

i-1e4d383718ae5499f3891e2e9e775bce-4.29.08 018.jpg

Andy & I

i-b7a8e6251eaf68f2d6a75b4b161a5871-4.29.08 007.jpg 

A very special, and super cute, Daddy/Daughter moment!

i-e9ab07e438c6d8ec82d33cccd398ff71-4.29.08 008.jpg

And an adorable first dance for the newlyweds! 

i-046a7084dd629e5926473bbb6bd0df00-4.29.08 009.jpg

Carter and her new-found friend cut a rug!

i-727205564619a8a6e15a14d714a7e1f3-4.29.08 012.jpg

Once again, a dance floor full of kids!  But note that Carter is the only one flashing on-lookers!

i-5e8840efcdeab1ca7056c1c82406af54-4.29.08 015.jpg

While dancing, she found a new, cooler Mommy.  The flower girl, on the floor, was not happy with the new switch!

i-43bf7fe2220902d752494a03a196c800-4.29.08 016.jpg

New friends, new adventures, and a new male admirer!  Just another day in the life of Carter Kay!

i-217c49dcc07a2b6f735cc507ac67d10f-4.29.08 017.jpg

Flashing boys the goods!  That’s how you keep ’em!!

All she wants to do is DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!